About Us

Coinfactory was launched more than 20 years ago and supplies coin operated machines for retail with some of the country's leading retail and leisure operators.

Our knowledge and investment in the latest technologies surrounding coin operated products, customer service and ongoing support services are completely unrivalled.

Coinfactory products provide substantial, supplementary income with no capital expenditure required by the site owners. We specialise in providing our coin-operated equipment to multiple-site organisations, developing unique operational models for each of our clients enabling us to provide maximum income at optimal efficiency.

Our client and customer help-lines are open 24/7/365 and we utilise the latest in IT to support our installations.

Director Simon Carr has worked in the retail, amusement and coin-op sectors for over 20 years and understands how to maximise profit from each unique location while maintaining the status quo of existing facilities and resources.

Coinfactory works with maintenance teams all over the country to ensure the best in support and upkeep, with regular collections for all coin operated machines and rides.

How We Do It

Coinfactory creates bespoke entertainment and experience packages for each individual site, depending on its location, demographics and other surrounding offers.

By creating dedicated experience zones for different age groups, shopping malls or leisure destinations can keep customers happy, ensuring a longer stay and return visits.

Our exclusive designed offerings for shopping malls and leisure centres include:

Retail Experiences



FX Simulators

Support and maintenance

servicesOur dedication to keeping our games and entertainment machines clean, secure and up-to-date really are second-to-none. With professional teams offering installation, advice and maintenance support, Coinfactory goes out of its way to excel in everything it does.

Coinfactory utilise only the best and most reliable equipment available. We have in-depth knowledge of every product we supply. We take special care to ensure that each machine is operated at its optimum value settings - which are unique to each site. We have years of experience in front-line retail and fully understand the complexities of shoe-horning a viable coin-operated offering into an existing operational scheme.

We endeavour to fully understand the clientele, environment and staffing levels of a location before we plan an individual selection of products and operational model for the location.

We are able to work alongside existing staff whom we can train to identify and report problems.

Our innovative ‘blue pound coin’ scheme helps with the confusion caused by erroneous refund claims – one of the biggest problems encountered by Coinfactory and client’s staff alike. The initiative effectively deters ‘giveaways’ while providing an audit trail for refunds and machine coin tests.

In addition to this, Coinfactory has a 24-hour customer service phone line, which customers or site staff can use for any issues encountered. This service is outsourced and provided by experts in their field. Every call is filtered, transcribed and immediately emailed to Coinfactory, providing a full report audit which again contributes to the smooth running of the operation.

The backbone of our administration lies in the extensive use of sophisticated CRM software, providing up to the minute information and figures for every machine and location where Coinfactory operate. Our aim is to create a long lasting partnership with each client based on mutual profit and the transparency of our operation - without negatively impacting on the existing business of each location.


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