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Game Zones

Superior Standard Coin Operated Games

Coinfactory offers a wide variety of the newest and most exciting coin-operated leisure machines including air hockey, video games, crane machines and novelty prize games.

By grouping the latest games together in a designated area, we can create a much more attractive proposition, which is proven to successfully increase enjoyment for all customers.

Our games offer the latest in luxury prizes and licensed soft toys to keep all the family entertained.

An arcade game can add that entertainment factor to a restaurant, amusement park or bar. Coin operated machines provide people with a host of games, including novelty prize games, poker and air hockey. Setting up an arcade game can help boost your business by elevating the fun factor. Coin operated arcade machines offer gaming options for all audiences from adults to children. Whether you run a sports bar or family restaurant, you can find suitable equipment. At Coinfactory, we carry an extensive range of arcade machines that are designed for the whole family. Customers enjoy a diverse selection of luxury prizes.

Coin Operated Arcade Games for all Interests

Here at the Coinfactory, we specialise in coin operated arcade games for all interests. We understand that your customers have different preferences when it comes to games. Some players like a good hunting adventure where they get to play the predator. Others are excited by racing games where they compete against some of the fastest cars in the world. To some, the classic hero game is the perfect way to wind down. You can have all these options available for your customers. We make it easy to give them that thrill they seek after an exhausting day or the ideal bonding time with loved ones. Do you wish to boost your business with stand-up or sit-down coin operated arcade games? Coinfactory has appropriate alternatives.

Quality Equipment

Coinfactory gets the need to meet your bottom-line even as you try to make your business a more enthusiastic environment. The coin operated games are made from sturdy material that can withstand harsh conditions. Whether the equipment will be outside or inside an establishment, you can count on great service for a long while. Our durable machines come with the latest graphics to give users seamless experiences when playing. We keep up with the newest games in the industry so that our clients are always abreast of every trend. For durable coin operated arcade machines with a broad collection of classic games for your business, contact Coinfactory.

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